Clean Freight Transportation

The Coalition for Clean Air advocates for effective and integrated policy solutions that support a zero emission, or near zero emission, freight transportation system in California. Freight accounts for 25% of the transport emissions in the State of California and needs to be addressed if we are to create real, lasting change.

The Coalition for Clean Air wants to see more incentive funding for cleaner technologies, the adoption of sustainable freight strategies at the local, regional, state & national levels, the adoption of clean truck programs at our ports, and strong policies to mitigate the impacts from dirty freight on local communities. We seek effective & integrated policies. If our agencies can coordinate full-scale infrastructure & deployment of a zero emission or near-zero emission freight transportation system in California by 2050, we will reduce statewide cancer causing emissions by a magnitude never seen before*.

* We’ll reduce: NOX by 50%; PM by 85%; GHGs by 80% in the freight sector

SUSTAINABLE FREIGHT: California Cleaner Freight Coalition

Freight transportation is the single largest contributor to diesel particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions in California, and it disproportionately impacts low-income communities and communities of color. They suffer from higher rates of asthma, cancer and other illnesses. In 2012, CCA brought together a coalition of environmental justice, public health, science and mainstream environmental organizations for the purpose of creating transformational changes to the freight transportation system in California. This group is the California Cleaner Freight Coalition (CCFC). CCFC convinced the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to establish its Sustainable Freight Initiative. CCFC also published Moving California Forward, a technical report on greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions reduction opportunities from the freight sector. CCFC continues to work with the ARB and CalTrans to adopt far-reaching freight policies. CCFC is funded with grants from the Hewlett

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