Protecting Climate Investments

California is setting the pace and standard nationwide for addressing climate change. AB 32 was the first program in the country to take a comprehensive, long-term approach to addressing climate change. With it comes an unprecedented opportunity to invest hundreds of millions of dollars annually in pollution-reducing programs in low-income communities most impacted by polluters.

The Coalition for Clean Air seeks to promote, defend and expand climate justice policies that lead with equity and reflect the voices and needs of diverse communities. The Coalition for Clean Air is working, alongside our SB535 Coalition “Quad” partners, to ensure that the GGRF is successfully invested in accord with its original environmental justice intent. California did not have a pre-existing framework for determining how to make climate investments in disadvantaged communities and our engagement is crucial to ensuring that disadvantaged communities receive direct, meaningful and assured benefits.

Air Quality Monitoring

CCA is giving you the opportunity to provide real-time data for policy makers and get involved in the fight for clean air. Our air quality monitoring program helps community members measure the impact of particulate matter in their household.

Our “Kids Making Sense” program provides students with an experiential learning opportunity to discover the impact of air quality in their communities using the devices they’ve built in-class. It connects them with students across the country to see how their air compares with others and trains teachers on the curriculum so that the program continues well beyond CCA’s involvement. The program for students will launch next spring.

Schools are just the beginning. We hope to create a network of low-cost air quality monitors beginning with 10 across the LA area in the next year. Interested in participating? Email Nick Burant at