On the Trump Administration’s Reckless Decision to Halt Cleaner Car Talks

The Trump Administration announced yesterday their withdrawal from discussions with the California Air Resources Board on cleaner cars.

The Coalition for Clean Air is disappointed, but not surprised, by the Trump Administration’s continued war against California’s clean car standards. The Administration’s efforts to freeze automotive fuel efficiency standards and attack California’s longstanding authority to regulate tailpipe emissions is a blatant example of arbitrary and capricious agency behavior and only serves the interests of the petroleum industry.

Not only will the Administration’s actions put the United States at an even greater disadvantage relative to other car-making countries, but it will also likely create instability for the American automotive market. The Trump Administration’s attempt to curtail California’s emissions authority violates the U S Clean Air Act.

The Coalition for Clean Air stands by California’s breathers, and strongly opposes the Administration’s backwards, wrongheaded position. We also urge California to take all available actions to protect its tailpipe emissions authority and fight for our climate and our health.

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