Tell Governor Newsom to Stop Highway Widenings

How to contact the Governor:

Click here to go to the Governor’s contact page.


Fill out the contact form (Select Environmental Issues/concerns as the Topic). Feel free to use and personalize the template letter below as the email message.


Dial the phone number provided on the website. Introduce yourself and clearly state your position. Feel free to use the talking points below to support your message.

Template Letter:

Dear Governor Newsom,

I am contacting you today to urge that California set a moratorium on highway widenings until an audit of Caltrans is completed. It has recently come to light that Caltrans is using road widening funding to add additional lanes to the Yolo I-80 project. Not only is this a misappropriation of taxpayer dollars, but continuing to construct highway widening projects while California faces the highest rate of air pollution in the United States and worsening climate change impacts is irresponsible and moves California further away from achieving its climate targets. As a leader on climate solutions for the nation and the rest of the world, I urge you to consider putting a pause on projects that do not move our state toward building a sustainable transportation system.

[Feel free to add a personalized message here. You can talk about how living next to a highway has affected you or if air pollution is a cause of concern for you and your family]


Thank you in advance for your leadership in protecting the lives of Californians from the harmful and often deadly effects of air pollution and climate change. As a resident of this state, the fact that California continues to score high on ozone and particulate matter pollution is concerning to me as it threatens to affect my and my family’s health. Since reducing the number of cars on the road will help reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, I urge you to consider pausing projects that build additional highway lanes to protect the health and lives of Californians like me.


[Your Name Here]


Talking Points:

 Air Pollution: