Help Us Stop a Highway Expansion Project!

Meeting Info:

California Transportation Commission Hearing

January 25th, 2023

I-15 Project Agenda Item: Anytime between 2-6 pm

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How to Call In:

Step 1: Register for the meeting

Registration Link: Click Here

Once registered you will receive the meeting’s Zoom link by email. It’s best to register in advance, but you can register and join during the meeting.

Step 2: Join the Meeting and use the “Raise Hand” feature during the I-15 Agenda Item (will be shown on screen as Tabs 18 & 19) to indicate you wish to speak.

Step 3: When the clerk calls your name, unmute yourself and begin to speak. Start by introducing yourself and stating where you are from. You will have 3 minutes to make your comment. Use the talking points below to help you make your argument.

Tip: Feel free to talk about your personal experiences, especially if you live next to a noisy highway or know someone who has experienced the effects of air pollution.

Step 4: Thank the commissioners and urge them to vote No on the I-15 Corridor Project


Talking Points: I-15 Corridor Project