The SPARC Blueprint Project

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The Port of Hueneme is headed towards zero-emissions by 2030.

Welcome to the Port’s green journey! The Sustainable Power Advancement and Resiliency for our Community (SPARC) Blueprint Project grew from the Port of Hueneme’s commitment to protecting their community’s health now and into the future! The Port partnered with Zero Emission Advisors, Breathe Southern California and the Coalition for Clean Air to explore clean energy options for Port operations. See our summarized SPARC project findings below:

The Port of Hueneme conducted a two-year zero emission energy study to determine which clean fuels could most effectively power the Port in the future!

In this study, the Port looked at two future clean fuels: electrical grid power and hydrogen powered fuel cells.

The study looked in great detail at all of the equipment on-Port, and we concluded that electrical grid power is the best clean fuel to lead the Port towards a zero-emission future because it is more readily available and less expensive than hydrogen powered fuel cells.

Becoming zero-emission with electrical grid power will require a huge investment in electrical charging infrastructure and equipment. However, the Port is well on its way having already invested tens of millions to date, with another $100+ million in investments and grants in queue to continue this transition away from fossil fuels!



Based on the SPARC Blueprint Project, the Port has concluded that it can achieve zero-emission operations inside the Port by 2030! We can reach this goal, but it is dependent on significant external funding and equipment availability and will not include the vessels sailing the ocean or drayage trucking.

Your well-being is our top priority. At the Coalition for Clean Air, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future, working tirelessly to minimize our environmental impact and foster a healthier community for all.

We are excited to inform you that the goal of achieving zero emissions through electrical grid power in the Port by 2030 is within reach! Together, we’re shaping a future where Californian port operations can thrive harmoniously with the environment.

If you have questions or concerns about the SPARC Blueprint Project, we encourage you to contact Miguel Rodriguez at or visit for more information.