Know Your Air


On California Clean Air Day in 2019 the Los Angeles Unified School District (Los Angeles Unified) Board of Education set an ambitious goal that every school in the district should have access to real-time air quality data. Today, on Earth Day we are proud to announce that vision has become a reality!

Through a partnership between Los Angeles Unified, the Coalition for Clean Air, and Clarity Movement, the Know Your Air Network provides a critical resource for the districts 600,000+ students to get real-time air quality data. As we head into wildfire season, the network of monitors spread over 200 school locations throughout the district will provide parents, teachers and the general public with real-time air quality data, calibrated for the highest accuracy. For teachers, the sensors provide a valuable learning opportunity to localize science for students interested in learning about air quality data.

The Know Your Air Network results from tireless efforts to provide safe learning environments. We invite everyone to learn more on the Know Your Air Networkthrough our friendly explainer video.

In addition to the partners listed above, we would like to thank the Zolla Family Foundation and Wells Fargo for providing initial funding to support this effort. We look forward to continuing our partnership.

Introduced by Board Member Nick Melvoin (click here for more information)

Over the past 10 years, the Coalition for Clean Air has installed hundreds of air quality monitors across the State of California. Those monitors have helped make air quality real and actionable for our most vulnerable residents. This partnership with LAUSD and Clarity takes that effort to a whole new level. For our youngest residents, whose still developing lungs are the most impacted by poor air quality, this is a game changer.

Brian Sheridan
Development and Engagement Director
Speaking on behalf of CCA staff and board at April 22, 2022’s press conference

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