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At Schools – CCA’s STEM Program

CCA has partnered with the consulting firm Sonoma Tech to bring participatory air quality monitoring research projects to California students. As part of our Kids Making Sense program, we train teachers to educate students about air quality issues. The students then go out in their own communities and measure air quality using low-cost monitoring devices that accurately measure particulate matter pollution in real time. By training teachers, schools have the ability to continue to offer a Kids Making Sense program well into the future.

CCA’s Goals:

  • Educate youth about air quality issues.
  • Inspire students’ interest in science.
  • Increase awareness of air quality impacts on health among parents.
  • Convert awareness into action. Parents take actions to reduce exposure to bad air.
  • Inspire and train the next generation of air quality advocates.

Students at Dana Middle School present their findings to area policymakers

We recently concluded our successful first year with Dana Middle School in San Pedro.

For more information, please contact Victor Polanco at or at 213-223-6867.