ACTION ALERT: Urge your assemblymember to improve public health in schools and make electric vehicles more accessible.

We expect the California Assembly to soon be voting on two of the most important air quality bills of the year. AB 841 will improve public health in California’s public schools, and both AB 841 and AB 326 will make electric vehicles more accessible for Californians.

The bills now head to the Assembly for committee consideration and final passage. We need you to contact your Assemblymember today and urge them to vote for both bills.

Action Alert

Contact your Assemblymember today urge them to pass both AB 841 and AB326. You can find a sample script below, and more information about both bills beneath this box.

Sample script for phone and email

Dear Assemblymember (INSERT THEIR LAST NAME):

I’m contacting you to urge your support for AB 841 and AB 326, two important bills that will improve air quality for all Californians.

Children are especially vulnerable to air pollution, and it’s unacceptable that inefficient, high polluting ventilation and air conditioning systems in many schools are exposing them to potential lifelong health problems. Please vote yes on AB 841 to reduce emissions and protect California students from pollution.

Electric vehicles can be a powerful tool to reduce pollution, improve public health and fight climate change. But only if they’re accessible to all Californians. I’m asking you to vote yes AB 841 and AB 326 to lower the barriers for all Californians to drive electric vehicles.



AB 841

AB 841 mandates a few important changes for healthier schools and cleaner transportation.

  • It will shift some unused funds to public schools to fix ancient plumbing problems and replace inefficient, highly polluting ventilation and air conditioning systems. In addition to exposing students to less pollution, this will also reduce electricity and demand and pollution from power plants.
  • It will accelerate the process for utilities to install electric vehicle charging stations around the state. It will also make sure the utilities’ installers have good training. The bill will reduce tailpipe emissions and create good blue-collar jobs that pay wages that can support families.

AB 326

AB 326 will increase electric vehicle accessibility for all Californians.

  • The bill would allow electric vehicle manufacturers to lease month-month directly to consumers. High down payments prevent many Californians from accessing electric vehicles, and navigating car dealerships can be full of quirks and unpredictability that make it harder for everyday consumers to purchase electric vehicles.
  • It also includes strong consumer protections for electric vehicle leasers. Californians won’t have to lock themselves into a long-term lease, so it’s easy for consumers to try out an electric vehicle before committing to ditch their standard gasoline-powered cars.

Contact your state Assemblymember today and urge them to support air quality in California by voting for AB 841 and AB 326.

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