ACTION ALERT! Invest in Clean and Equitable Transportation

Transportation pollution is California’s largest driver of climate change and the number one reason our state has the MOST polluted air in the nation.

Thankfully, Governor Newsom and state legislators have a historic opportunity to approve major investments in clean and equitable transportation programs in this year’s state budget.

This is URGENT: We must ensure that our state lawmakers pass a budget that invests in clean cars, trucks, and buses and charging and fueling stations to power them. 

Without funding, Californians will lose access to the most effective programs the state has to deliver clean air, improved health, climate benefits, and fuel cost savings to the communities that need them most.

We must urge our state lawmakers to secure funding and policies that:

  • Ensure families across the state have access to clean transportation by fully funding projects like the Clean Cars 4 All program and the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program — programs that are making it affordable and convenient for thousands of low-income residents statewide to make the switch to cleaner vehicles.
  • Ensure half of the Clean Transportation Program funds deploying electric vehicle charging/fueling infrastructure across the state are invested in disadvantaged or low-income communities that often live near freeways, ports, and freight-hubs and disproportionately feel the impacts of pollution.
  • Fully fund programs that are delivering the biggest pollution reductions, including clean trucks and buses.
  • Create new jobs in the clean transportation sector for the communities who need them most.

On behalf of the Coalition for Clean Air and Charge Ahead California, thank you for making your voice heard!

P.S. Want to really dive in? Read our letter

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