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CCA’s First Ever Solutions Tour

This April, in time for Earth Day, we held the inaugural Solutions Tour organized by the Coalition for Clean Air at the San Pedro Bay Ports. The tour’s goals were to highlight the power of collaboration, innovation, and investment in advancing clean air for the South Coast Air Basin. With site visits across the port complex, riding on an electric bus, attendees had the opportunity to witness groundbreaking initiatives firsthand. From the zero-emissions battery-electric yard tractors at SSA Marine Terminals to the battery-electric truck ride-along at WattEV with trucks made by Nicola, Volvo, Freightliner, and RIDE, each stop showcased tangible progress towards cleaner air and opportunities to reduce port emissions.

Notably, the tour also highlighted the ambitious Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project at the Long Beach Container Terminal, aiming for net zero emissions by 2030. It also offered insights into the zero-emissions locomotive at the Pacific Harbor Line, a short-haul line that connects the port complex to distribution centers across North America. Participants enjoyed a tour of the Harbor at the Port of Long Beach on a tier 3 diesel engine-powered Harbor Breeze Cruise boat, further emphasizing the opportunity for environmental and public health stewardship in the basin.

This tour was possible with the generous support of Air Products, Port of Long Beach, Ride, and WattEV, as well as InductEV, Volvo, and Aquarium of the Pacific. The overall experience was positive and hopeful, fostering collaboration and community-building, and underscoring the collective mission to propel clean air work forward together.

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