Coalition for Clean Air Celebrates the Defeat of Prop. 70

SACRAMENTO – The Coalition for Clean Air, which campaigned for the defeat of Proposition 70, released the following statement today from Bill Magavern, CCA Policy Director:

“Rejection of the unwise and unnecessary Proposition 70 means that Californians will continue to see sound pollution-fighting investments in clean transportation, renewable energy and sustainable communities.

The Coalition for Clean Air is proud that our underfunded shoestring campaign helped voters to see through the smokescreen of deception emitted by Prop 70’s powerful backers.”

Coalition for Clean Air has been working on restoring clean, healthy air to all Californians since 1971, with a recognition that those in low-income, disadvantaged communities suffer disproportionately from air pollution.

With offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento, CCA collaborates with community-based organizations and other NGOs to advocate for effective policy solutions to achieve California’s clean-air and energy mandates and goals.

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