Unique Holiday Gifts For Clean Air Champions

Want to be a part of the clean air solution? Here are some suggestions for gifts that will create better air quality in your community, at your home and in the workplace.

If you’re High Roller:

Show how much you love them and the environment. Zero-emission vehicles (both electric and hydrogen fuel cell) are able to travel increasingly longer ranges and have the largest network of charging infrastructure available in the United States. Over the course of the year, the recipient of your gift will save big. A thirty-five-mile commute in Los Angeles via an electric car would save approximately $500 in fuel costs alone. With pre-owned electric cars coming on the market and tax incentives still in place, now is a great time to buy.

If your bank account is (somewhat) smaller:

Exchange the often painfully boring single passenger commute for the freedom of the bus and train with a transit pass. In so doing, you’ll save a lot of money. How much? How about $154,121 over the course of a lifetime!

If you want to make a gift to your favorite homeowner

Take them shopping for solar panels and make a lasting difference in their energy bill. Want to “kick the tires”/ see what it all will look like? Check out https://www.blandsolar.com/

If you’re concerned about indoor air quality:

What could be a better gift than controlling your own space? For those suffering from allergies, asthma and other ailments derived from indoor air pollution, companies like Airbiotics provide a chemical-free alternative to traditional cleaning. Need proof that your air indoor air quality is improving? Get an indoor air quality monitor from Dylos.

Ever consider how dirty the air in your car is?   

Next time you take your car to the mechanic for maintenance, ask him or her to show you the cabin air filter. Odds are you’ll most likely be shocked at the dirt and crud that is stuck to it. A new cabin filter will eliminate 90% of the ultrafine particles entering into your car and lungs while driving.

If you’re dealing with the-hard-to-shop-for/they-have-everything person

Why not make a gift in honor of someone you love? Make a fully tax-deductible contribution to the Coalition for Clean Air in honor of your loved one and we will send a notification to your friend or family member and recognize both of you on our website.

Because clean air is way better than an ugly sweater any day, right?

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