Sending President Trump A Strong Message About Air Pollution

Kids@PressThe battle has begun. We stand ready to fight for California’s clean air. You can help.

Yesterday, President Donald Trump instructed his administration to consider rolling back fuel economy standards for cars. Today, he released a budget proposal that would slash the EPA by 31%. Neither of these moves bode well for air quality in California.

The President doesn’t know, has forgotten, or just doesn’t care that U.S. asthma rates increased 15% between 2001 and 2010. In California air pollution kills 7,500 people each year – more than car crashes and homicides combined. In our State, more than 13% of adults and 12% of children have asthma and nearly 692,000 children reported experiencing current asthma symptoms. Air pollution has also been shown to cause lung disease, COPD, diabetes and even brain cancer.

President Trump needs a reminder of why Californians support clean car standards, the EPA and our air quality laws. That’s why, for every $20 we raise, we will send President Trump an inhaler.

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Our goal is to send 1,000 inhalers so that he will finally wake to the fact that for millions of Americans, air pollution is as important today as it was when the President Nixon signed the Clean Air Act in 1970.

(Click here to let us know if you have expired inhalers to contribute.)

Please support our “Make America Breathe Again” campaign by giving today. Help us continue to protect and improve California’s air quality. The consequences are too great if we don’t.

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