Liane Randolph appointed to Chair of CARB; Rex Richardson wins South Coast AQMD Board Seat

Liane Randolph appointed to Chair CARB

Today Governor Newsom appointed Liane Randolph as Chair of the California Air Resources Board. This appointment comes as millions of Californians breathe unhealthy air, and wildfires grow increasingly common and increasingly severe due to climate change. CARB has an international reputation as a leading air and climate regulator, and we look forward to Randolph leading its excellent staff in adopting regulatory measures to ensure California meets our state and federal air quality standards and reaches our targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

Randolph will be the first Black Chair of CARB. California communities of color continue to breathe the dirtiest air in the state, and elevating voices from these communities to real positions of power is critical to ensuring the needs of the most vulnerable are met as we fight for clean air.

We look forward to working with Ms. Randolph in adopting the regulatory and incentive measures necessary to ensure all Californians can breathe healthy air.

We also welcome the re-appointment of Dr. John Balmes, a champion for public health, and look forward to working with new Board Members Davina Hurt, Gideon Kracov, and Tania Pacheco-Werner, all of whom are well-qualified for their positions.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to outgoing Chair Mary Nichols for her exceptional service to the breathers of California. We wish Chair Nichols well as she moves on to even greater service for the benefit of all Americans.

And we thank outgoing Board Members John Gioia, Judy Mitchell and Alex Sheriffs for their numerous contributions to the Board’s mission and to the regions they have so ably represented.

Rex Richardson wins South Coast AQMD Board Seat

Congratulations to Long Beach City Councilmember Rex Richardson for winning today’s election for the LA western region SCAQMD seat. We look forward to working with Councilmember Richardson in the fight to protect public health, improve air quality, and prevent climate change. Congratulations are also in order for Cudahy Mayor Elizabeth Alcantar for a strong showing today.

One thought on “Liane Randolph appointed to Chair of CARB; Rex Richardson wins South Coast AQMD Board Seat

  1. T J Smith says:

    I have seen nothing on CARBs decision last December to mute the overpressure alarm at gas stations. The explanation/justification used can be best described as “junk science”. It was clearly a step backward. Fugitive Emissions at gas stations can be substantial – this is one of the main reasons for the creation of Enhanced Vapor Recovery.

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