One Million Actions Pledged across California to Clear the Air

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September 24, 2019

One Million Actions Pledged across California to Clear the Air

California Clean Air Day has collected over 1 million pledges for the Oct. 2nd Day of Action and calls to double that number in just one week!

LOS ANGELES, CA – Residents, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies across California have pledged to take various actions on California Clean Air Day on October 2, reaching the milestone of 1 million actions pledged with over a week left until the statewide day of action. The simple pledge offers 16 options that individuals can take from three categories (Plant Something, Reduce Vehicle Emissions, Switch It Out), with well over 94% choosing to reduce vehicle emissions, the number one item Californians have pledged to do.

With just over a week left until California Clean Air Day, organizers are encouraging residents across the State to help reach another million actions pledged. If just one out of every 40 Californians pledges to take just one simple action in the next week, the state will be able to celebrate the largest clean air day of action ever.

Individuals are invited to take the pledge at and choose from 3 categories: Plant Something, Reduce Vehicle Emissions, and Switch It Out. They can select to take just one action total or multiple actions. Businesses and organizations (including cities, hospitals, school districts, and community organizations) can pledge as an entity on behalf of their employees/members, and then they are given a code to track their stakeholders individual registrations, as well.

“Clean air is such an important issue for our communities,” said Dr. Joseph K. Lyou, the President and CEO of the Coalition for Clean Air, who is coordinating the statewide day of action. “We are proud to lead this effort and look forward to continue engaging all Californians around things they can do to clear the air on October 2nd and beyond.”

In addition to individual and organizational pledges, large scale events are being planned across the state for those looking to join others on Clean Air Day, including electric vehicle “ride and drive” events, bike rides, transit parties, tree plantings, local clean-ups, clean air festivals, and more. All Clean Air Day events are listed at

Local government has taken a lead in clearing the air for the 2019 Clean Air Day. From Chula Vista to Sebastopol and dozens of cities in between, Mayors across the State have pledged to lead on this important issue as part of the Clean Air Day Mayors Council ( Additionally, Clean Air Day has been officially declared in cities and counties across the state including City of San Diego, City & County of Los Angeles, County of Ventura, Oakland, Sacramento and dozens of other cities, counties, school districts, and other government entities!

Further, transit agencies across the are helping Californians pledge to ditch their car on Clean Air Day through advertising, hosting transit parties, showcase zero emission buses and offering free rides in select locations.

“Metro is one of many agencies in Southern California that is dedicated to reducing tailpipe emissions and air pollution by providing more sustainable ways to get around while identifying greener ways to move freight,” said Metro Board Chair and Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts, Jr. “Sustainability is at the core of Metro’s mission and you can see that in our pursuit of a zero emission bus fleet, expanded rail program and better roadways that more efficiently move car and truck traffic.”

About Coalition for Clean Air (CCA)

Since 1971, the Coalition for Clean Air has worked to protect public health, improve air quality and prevent climate change in California. With offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento, CCA advocates for effective policy solutions to achieve clean air for California.


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