Prop 30 Qualifies for the Ballot! Tell Your Friends!

As Californians, we’ve all suffered from smoke and smog and wondered what we can do about it. This year, for the first time, voters can take the matter into our own hands by passing Proposition 30, the Clean Air Initiative.

Moving people and goods is California’s largest source of the pollution that kills and sickens people and causes catastrophic climate change that brings devastating wildfires to our state.

California has led the way in the U.S. toward cleaning up cars, buses and trucks, but every day of smoke and smog shows that we need to do more – and quickly — to protect our health and stabilize the climate. That’s why Coalition for Clean Air enthusiastically supports Prop 30, along with state firefighters, nurses, doctors, scientists, environmental groups and businesses across California.

Prop 30 would super-charge California’s clean transportation transition and wildfire-fighting efforts, raising over $4 billion annually to fund proven programs. Where would the money come from? A tax on only the very wealthiest taxpayers, those with over $2 million in income.

Revenues from this progressive tax would fund zero-emission cars, trucks and buses, especially for low-income communities of color that are facing the worst impacts of climate change, air pollution and historic disinvestment. Money would also be set aside to pay for the stations to fuel those clean vehicles, whether they run on batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. These funds, combined with strong standards that the state either has set or is in the process of establishing, will speed the replacement of polluting tailpipes with clean machines that don’t need gasoline or diesel fuel.

Prop 30 would also provide needed support for CalFire’s wildfire prevention and suppression programs, including the home hardening and defensible space that are key to safeguarding communities. The measure takes aim at both the biggest source of harmful emissions — transportation — and the most devastating impact that climate change is wreaking on our state — catastrophic wildfire.

With Prop 30, we can reduce extreme wildfires and clean the air in California.

The Coalition for Clean Air protects public health,

improves air quality and prevents climate change.

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