Statement of the Coalition for Clean Air Policy Director Bill Magavern on Senate Clean Transportation Action Plan

“The Senate’s new California Clean Transportation Action Plan makes a bold commitment to cleaning up the air pollution that still plagues most of the state. With the vast majority of our air pollution coming from cars, trucks and other mobile sources, the Senate plan would invest in proven programs that reduce toxic diesel exhaust and move us toward zero-emission transportation.

The recently-passed cap-and-trade reauthorization made improved air quality the top priority for spending the revenues brought in by auctioning off emissions allowances, with zero- and low-carbon transportation second. The Senate package lives up to those promises by funding programs that put cleaner trucks, buses and cars on the road. Whether you’re a child riding a bus to school, a trucker who needs a lower-emitting vehicle, a commuter looking for an affordable electric car, or an asthma sufferer sick of breathing polluted air, this package will help realize your goal.

We thank Senate President pro tem Kevin de León for championing the cause of restoring clean air to all Californians, and we call on the Governor and the Assembly to join in trying to eliminate public health and climate risk from diesel pollution by 2030.”

– Bill Magavern
Policy Director
Coalition for Clean Air

Coalition for Clean Air protects public health, improves air quality, and prevents climate change.


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