Statement on new rules to reduce harborcraft pollution

Statement of Coalition for Clean Air Policy Director Bill Magavern on the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approving rules to reduce pollution from harborcraft:


“Today the California Air Resources Board adopted new standards for reducing emissions from harbor boats like tugboats and ferries. Coalition for Clean Air thanks the Board and staff, as well as our advocate allies, for this public health protection, which is estimated to save over 500 lives. Commercial harbor craft are small in number but significant in their damaging impact on community health. Their toxic diesel emissions cause cancer and increase lung-searing smog, with the impacts especially pronounced on low-income communities of color near ports. Today’s measure is one in a series that CARB is planning to reduce toxic diesel exhaust, California’s single worst source of air pollution. We look forward to working with CARB later this year on measures to cut diesel emissions from trucks and locomotives.”



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