Coalition for Clean Air Statement on SB 210 Passage

“The state Senate today said that it’s time to clean up heavy-duty diesel trucks by subjecting them to the kind of inspection and maintenance requirements that car drivers have faced for decades,” said Bill Magavern, Policy Director for Coalition for Clean Air. “With Senate approval of Senator Connie Leyva’s SB 210 by a super-majority vote, California moves a step closer to adopting a smog-check program for dirty diesel big rigs that pollute our air.”

“It’s now up to the Assembly to pass SB 210, which will ensure diesel big rigs are in compliance with California’s emission standards and remove 93,000 tons of NOx and 1,600 tons of PM 2.5 from our air between 2023 and 2031, equivalent to taking 145,000 and 375,000 trucks off the roads in California respectively.”

“The state has had a successful smog-check program for passenger vehicles since 1984. Smog-check for heavy-duty diesel is long past due.”

From left to right: Representative from Environment California, Bill Magavern, Senator Connie Leyva, Will Barrett, Katherine Garcia, Brendan Tuohig and Nikita Koraddi.


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