ACTION ALERT: Ask Governor Newsom to protect our air and our health during the pandemic

Powerful industries have been fighting clean California air for years, and some of the state’s biggest polluters are lobbying Governor Newsom’s administration to delay enforcement or roll back safeguards against pollution and climate change.

And while the administration has made clear that they aren’t pursuing a broad rollback, they have committed to reviewing requests to pollute on a case-by-case basis.

We understand the magnitude of this crisis that threatens both our health and our economy. But we can’t have a healthy economy without healthy people.

Action Alert

Some of the state’s biggest polluters are lobbying Governor Newsom to delay or roll back protections against pollution and climate change.

We need your help. Contact Governor Newsom today.

Ask him to enforce air quality protections while pursuing a green economic recovery.

Message Governor Newsom Now

Evidence increasingly suggests a direct correlation between COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations and air pollution. And there’s simply no debate that the COVID-19 respiratory disease pandemic is especially deadly for people with pre-existing health conditions—the same types of lung and heart problems worsened significantly by breathing polluted air.

As a state, we could respond to this pandemic by delaying air quality protections and endangering public health in our most vulnerable communities. Or we could take a bold stand to protect vulnerable communities, tying economic recovery and green initiatives.

We have an opportunity to put Californians to work building the infrastructure of tomorrow’s clean energy and sustainable transportation economy that we need. And we welcome a “green stimulus” package that could create jobs while reducing emissions to ensure our communities are resilient in the face of any crisis.

We need your help to make this a reality. Message Governor Newsom today and ask him to stand up for California’s health.

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