CCA Statement on CARB Passing Historic Rules on Trucks and Rail

“With its actions over the last 2 days, California’s Air Resources Board has taken historic steps to clean up our air. Adoption of the In-Use Locomotives and Advanced Clean Fleets rules will significantly reduce toxic diesel exhaust from trains and trucks, allowing millions of Californians to breathe without as much risk of disease and death from smog and soot. We still have much work to do to stop air pollution and climate change, but today the Coalition for Clean Air thanks the Air Resources Board and staff, along with all the advocates who helped pass these rules.”

Bill Magavern, Policy Director, Coalition for Clean Air

One thought on “CCA Statement on CARB Passing Historic Rules on Trucks and Rail

  1. Dr. Edward Huang says:

    Thanks, CARB! As an advocate for clean air to support CCA and Pacific Environment campaigns, and as a resident of Los Angeles – Long Beach Metropolitan region where cargo shipping & trucking have been the busiest in the US and where air pollution has been the worst among all our major metropolis, I’m glad for CARB’s timely action in the end of Earth Month 2023 that further advances clean fleet development and limits air & carbon pollution from locomotives and cargo trucks in California, considering the health of residents and workers in this region. We at CIEDM are proud of being serving as one of the CCA’s 135 signators petitioning CARB to pass health-protective rules that make sure community health is not jeopardized to reign in emissions from the 12,000 locomotives operating in California. On top of the new regulations, we ourselves as citizens and grassroots can do our part to improve air quality by planting more trees and vegetation at our homes and communities. Happy National Arbor Day 2023 on April 28!!

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