Support the Coalition for Clean Air and Our Push For A Smog Check Program For Trucks

What a year! Thanks to your support, protected good climate policies, educated hundreds of students about air pollution and led an initiative to get 100,000 Californians to take the Clean Air Day pledge. While we are proud of those accomplishments, Los Angeles still has the worst air pollution in the U.S. and violated Southern California federal smog standards for 87 consecutive days this summer.

We cannot rest on our laurels. Though California remarkably achieved its climate goal four years ahead of schedule, the transportation sector actually increased its emissions.

The good news is that there is a path forward. A broad coalition of partners agree with us that the time is now for smog check program for heavy duty vehicles.

If you think you’ve heard that before, you are right. We pushed hard for it in 2018 and it got stuck in a legislative committee. We remain undaunted and will try again.

There’s too much at stake if we don’t.

Heavy duty trucks are only 2% of the vehicles on the road yet emit 50% of the cancer-causing particulate matter on California’s roads. They consume one-quarter of all the fuel we use and produce nearly one quarter of the greenhouse gasses in the U.S.

We continue to suffer even though a smog check program for heavy duty trucks would dramatically improve our air.

So, we go back. Again. And again.

When more Californians die from air pollution than car accidents and homicides combined, it’s simply too important to stop fighting for clean air.

That’s why we work in boardrooms, at the Capitol and in the halls of justice to make sure your voice is heard. An investment in the Coalition for Clean Air is an investment in your health, and the health of your friends and your family.

Please donate today and support the fight for clean air.


Joseph K. Lyou, Ph.D.

CEO and President

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