New Year Air Resolutions

This year the top 5 most polluted cities in the country were in California (in all categories: ozone, year-round particle pollution, and short-term particle pollution) which means there is a lot of work ahead.

In 2015, CCA will work to get new laws and regulations in place, advocate for pollution reduction plans and stricter enforcement, and conduct more community outreach. But it won’t be enough; we need you to make a clean air resolution as well.

Here are a few suggestions:
1) Resolve to go car-free at least one day per week.
2) Resolve to link trips (for example hit the grocery store on the way home from work instead of creating a separate trip).
3) Resolve to refrain from burning; indoors or outdoors.
4) Resolve to save energy around the house-set your appliances to turn off after certain periods, use compact fluorescent bulbs, and use the microwave instead of the oven for smaller items.
5) Resolve to reduce the amount of packaging you purchase and the amount of waste you produce.

Will you resolve to work with us toward clean air in 2015? 

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