How You Can Help

Thanks to members like you, we’ve been a part of every major fight for clean air – from cleaning up gasoline to clean trucks at our ports to phasing out cancer-causing chemicals used in dry cleaning. With 9 of the top 23 most polluted cities in the nation, the fight in California is far from over.


Become a member today and help us achieve our goal of putting one million electric cars on California roads within the next 10 years.

Help us as we make sure policy makers properly invest the more than $500 million we secured in climate protection funding for our most disadvantaged communities.

Help us usher in a zero emission future at our ports and throughout the freight supply chain in California.

To learn more about our donor program, contact Brian Sheridan at 213-223-6872.

Help us advocate for change by assisting us in our legislative efforts. Add your name to our mailing list (hyperlink needed) to get issue notifications and click the button above to see the bills we are tracking.

You can play a role in moving positive legislation forward and help us to protect current legislation from efforts to weaken it. SB350 will strengthen and codify Governor Brown’s goals of 50% reduction in petroleum use by 2030. Legislation is a moving target and we encourage you to check our page regularly for the latest news and announcements.

Coalition for Clean Air volunteers and interns play an important part in our efforts to restore clean, healthy air to California. Interns have created educational videos, worked on legislation and even built a monitor that can display air pollution readings in real time. From our Board of Directors to interns to event staff, we’ve benefited from the work of hundreds of dedicated volunteers. Our thanks to all who have helped us move our mission forward.

Interested in becoming an intern* or volunteer? Click on the button above or contact for details.

* Check out Alice Sung’s student project “Air Pollution 101: A Two Minute Lesson” (below) to illustrate the health effects of poor air quality and our solutions to this challenging problem.