CARB vote on ACC II

CCA Statement on Air Resources Board’s Adoption of New Clean-Car Standards

“Today’s action by CARB is an essential step to cleaning up the transportation system, which causes about 80% of California’s smog and soot and about 50% of its greenhouse gas emissions. The updated standards will mean less pollution coming out of the tailpipes of combustion engines, and an acceleration of the vital deployment of zero-emission vehicles. By 2035, all new light-duty cars and trucks sold in our state will be ZEVs.


We urge other states, and the federal government, to follow California’s lead in putting ZEVs on the road. At the same time, we must do more to provide clean mobility to all Californians, whether or not they own cars. We need to democratize the electric car and help our low-income communities of color make the transition to zero-emission transportation.


The best way to support an equitable transition to zero-emission transportation is for voters to pass Proposition 30, the Clean Air Initiative on the November ballot. Prop 30 would invest unprecedented amounts of funds in incentives for clean cars, trucks, and buses, as well as bikes, and in the infrastructure to support them, with at least half of the money flowing to disadvantaged and low-income communities.”


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