Speaker Rendon: Excellent appointment of Veronica Padilla-Campos to the SCAQMD Governing Board

The Coalition for Clean Air congratulates Veronica Padilla-Campos on her appointment to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Governing Board. We also thank Speaker Anthony Rendon for appointing a long-time environmental justice leader to the Governing Board.

This is a transformative moment SCAQMD: in just a short period of time, three new members have joined the Governing Board. The Board now must make the decisions necessary to crack down on pollution from warehouses and refineries, protect air quality in the most impacted communities and reduce smog-forming pollutants to meet the coming 2023 deadline. Padilla-Campos will be an especially important voice in these deliberations.

We look forward to working with Board Member-designate Veronica Padilla-Campos and the entire SCAQMD Board in the effort to bring clean air to one of the most polluted regions in the nation. Lastly, we want to thank and commend outgoing SCAQMD Board Chair Dr. William Burke for his decades of service to SCAQMD and Southern California.


Coalition for Clean Air is a California non-profit organization that protects public health, improves air quality, and prevents climate change.


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