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Stories of Clean Air

Giving Tuesday isn’t about bragging, though we could point to big wins here and here and here. It isn’t about donor education, though we could point out that we have a platinum charity rating. And it isn’t about the results of our work, though we could point out that the smog we’ve helped clean up has saved hundreds of thousands of lives since our founding.

Giving Tuesday is about our donors. It’s about ALL OF YOU who have decided that clean air is worthy of your investment. These are the stories of why everyday people like you give to the Coalition for Clean Air.


“I helped found the Coalition and have supported it vigorously ever since. Why? Because in Sacramento there were always so many advocates for the polluters and almost no one was fighting on the other side for clean air. Since the hearings on the Clean Air Act in the 70s, to now combating climate change, CCA has always been on the front lines. Keep fighting!!”

Ralph Perry, Pasadena


“You can change the food you eat, the amount of exercise you do. But you cannot change the air you breathe.”

Dr. Bill Burke, Los Angeles


“I have supported many worthy environmental organizations over the years, but CCA stands out as one that has consistently and persistently advocated for sensible solutions to achieving healthful air. CCA recognizes that constructive collaboration with all stakeholders is essential to making sound policies, spurring innovative technologies, and empowering change. Having served on its Board for many years, and observed the work of the committed and competent staff, I am proud to have supported CCA for almost half of its 50-year history and shared in many of its victories. May it continue to do good for the health and wellbeing of all Californians, for at least another 50 years!!!”

Anne Shen Smith, Rancho Palos Verdes


“At my first CCA meeting I was confused and distracted by the acronyms that were common to the other participants. I talked with Joe Lyou during a break. His warmth and understanding eased my discomfort and made me feel welcome. The next year, Joe distributed a list of acronyms.

“This combination of competence and compassion is far from universal among NGOs. It used to be referred to as “the problem of cobbler’s children having no shoes.” Many NGOs consist of hard-working, dedicated people who are not being well-nourished or well-led.

“Our existential ecological crisis continues to worsen. We haven’t mustered the political will to take the radical steps needed to save ourselves and our loved ones. Our hope lies in creating that will through hospitality, education, solidarity, and action. CCA embodies these virtues as it leads us in the fight for clean air in California.”

Reverend Earl Koteen, Berkely


“There are few philanthropies that have so successfully and for so long, measurably and simultaneously improved public health, our natural habitats, and the lives of workers. The Coalition, spearheaded by a brilliant Sacramento lobbying team, is one; maybe the most feared one among the polluters.”

Ed Howard, Sacramento

“I am happy to be a long-time supporter of the Coalition for Clear Air. I love how much passion and creativity their team pours into their work and admire how effective they are at mobilizing the community to do their part in improving the region’s air quality.”


Sarah Gallagher, Santa Monica


“I support the CCA because I have faith in their conscientious leaders and am confident my donations will be used to help improve the respiratory health and well-being of some of the most vulnerable and underserved members of our community.”

Mike Simon, Escondido


“I gave to CCA because it supports individuals in organizing themselves. It’s now very clear that we need to fundamentally rethink the relationship with our living environment. And while that’s an individual decision, any real change will only come from collective action. From where I stand, CCA enables that.”

Oskar Elek


“The Coalition for Clean Air has been talking about the role of pollution in climate change for a long time, especially regarding lower income, more heavily impacted communities. I am proud to have been a supporter for all these years.”

Larry Kaplan, Los Angeles


“When I was on staff at CCA, I saw first-hand how much we were able to accomplish with limited resources. I’m happy to continue supporting CCA’s efforts to clean up our ports, advocate for climate equity, and add clean cars to the road.”

Nick Burant, Los Angeles


”I support the Coalition for Clean Air because their work is the most important in cleaning the air in the South Coast Basin. And without clean air, we all become sick and die. Keep up the great work.”

Michael Dieden, Beverly Hills


“I’ve been a grateful supporter of the California Coalition for Clean Air since 2017, when the coalition helped me help my community by providing air sensors in Elysian Valley and Cypress Park, near the Metrolink Central Maintenance Facility. As an active community member and a mom, I rely on the CCA air sensor network to promote awareness, advocate for better unhealthy air day protocols at our local LAUSD school, and to factor in air quality when considering outdoor activities with my family. CCA also gives me the tools to drive positive change, such as calling our elected officials to support essential legislation such as SB 210 – a huge win for all of us living along the 5 Freeway!”

Christine Louise Mills, Founding Director, LA River Communities for Environmental Equity


Join a community that shares a passion for our mission of protecting public health, improving air quality, and preventing climate change by making a tax-deductible contribution today.

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